About Us

EDCNinja began several years ago in the warehouse of a bigger outdoor apparel brand. Several of us in the industry were looking for a place we could talk about what we liked, what we didnt like, and where we though the everyday carry industry was going in the future.

All of us here personally have come from different backgrounds but one thing has always connected us, our love for the best gear available. From pocket knives, to multitools, flashlights and beyond we created this resource to help us communicate our knowledge and opinions to everyone else in the world who had a similar love for gear.

Thank you for visiting the site and we hope that you’ve found the information you are looking for.

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Zach Belmont

Co-creator of EDC Ninja

Outdoor apparel product designer

Former North Face, Patagonia, Nemo

Omar Hom

Co-creator of EDC Ninja

Technologist and trend setter

World traveler and EDC influencer