Olight Javelot Mini Review

Olight is a flashlight company that produces some of the best quality flashlights on the market. Their products are known for their durability and performance, and they offer a wide variety of different models to choose from. Whether you need a flashlight for your car, home, or office, Olight has a model that will suit your needs. The newest release we have had the pleasure of putting through its paces is the little brother to the extremely bright Javelot, the Javelot Mini. Who is it for? Pumping out a hefty 1000 lumens at an incredible distance of 600 meters, the powerful light on the Javelot Mini is a lot to like. It arguably sits at a great crossroads that most flashlights from Olight have missed in the past several years – its very bright, is very simple to use, and…

GATO Tools Short Stubby Screwdriver

A handy screwdriver is always worth having around. Enter the Short Stubby Screwdriver from GATO Tools. Designed and made in California, the Short Stubby has an all-aluminum handle, and the double-sided bit driver magnetically slides in and locks in for quick swapping between flat head and phillips screws. The body is powder coated in 3 different colors to either match your existing set up or to allow you a way to easily find your screwdriver in a drawer full of tools. 17.99 @ Amazon

What is Gorpcore?

A blend of high-end fashion and outdoor/camping style, Gorpcore has continued to grow in popularity over the past several years. With the terms “outdoor-ready” , and “adventure gear” feeling too uninspired the term has begun to represent all things that could be considered camping-chique.

Smokey Bear Arcade Belts

Popular elastic belt brand Arcade has teamed up with your favorite fire-prevention wilderness bear, Smokey, for several limited edition collaboration belts that not only keep your pants up, but help save the forest in the process.

Leatherman Signal Aqua

Cerakote covers this flagship leatherman with over 15 handy tools including a Ferro rod, whistle, bottle opener, and your standard multi-tool faire, and turns it into undoubtedly the coolest-looking tool in their entire lineup.

Olight’s Classic LED Lantern Review

The newest lantern from Olight is a great all-around outdoor and indoor lantern. While it does not get as bright as some of the competitors, the uniqueness as well as added features, make this one of the better new lights we have seen recently.

Olight Warrior 3

Improving on nearly every part of the fantastic M2R Warrior Pro, the Warrior 3 adds some unique features like a battery meter, a more aggressive front strike bezel, and in the instance of the light Olight sent us for this review – the COOLEST paint scheme of any flashlight I have ever seen.

17 Star Wars EDC Items You Don’t Want To Miss

The incredibly popular franchise has inspired some amazing EDC tools, knives, accessories and more over it’s 40+ years in existence. Here are some of our favorite items which you can work into your daily carry rotation to show off your love for Star Wars.

Olight O’Pen Pro

A minor improvement to the original O’Pen from last year, this bolt action pen comes with a convenient pocket clip flashlight and a green laser pointer for all of your daily needs.