Olight Seeker 4 Pro UV Hero

Olight Seeker 4 Mini UV Flashlight

In the vast expanse of the great outdoors, light is your trusty sidekick, guiding your path as you venture into the unknown. Over the years, I’ve encountered countless flashlights –…

Olight Perun 2 Mini

Headlamps are one of my favorite class of lights. They are some of the most useful flashlights you can have while also being in a group that seems to improve…

Olight Javelot Mini Review

Olight is a flashlight company that produces some of the best quality flashlights on the market. Their products are known for their durability and performance, and they offer a wide…

Olight’s Classic LED Lantern Review

The newest lantern from Olight is a great all-around outdoor and indoor lantern. While it does not get as bright as some of the competitors, the uniqueness as well as added features, make this one of the better new lights we have seen recently.

Olight Warrior 3

Improving on nearly every part of the fantastic M2R Warrior Pro, the Warrior 3 adds some unique features like a battery meter, a more aggressive front strike bezel, and in the instance of the light Olight sent us for this review – the COOLEST paint scheme of any flashlight I have ever seen.

Olight O’Pen Pro

A minor improvement to the original O’Pen from last year, this bolt action pen comes with a convenient pocket clip flashlight and a green laser pointer for all of your daily needs.

Olight Odin Turbo LEP Flashlight

Now we’re upgrading the LED, to something called an LEP – or Laser Excited Phosphor. Think of this as a laser, more than it is a flashlight – which is true – because this light has the class 1 laser warning on the side

Olight Baldr RL Mini

The Baldr RL comes in 2 colors, the standard John Wick black, and the super popular FDE color – which is a limited edition release. The light uses standard Glock and Picitinny rails, meaning it can mount almost anywhere, and perfectly matches the front “grill” of a G19.

Olight Baton 3 Premium

Several years ago Olight disrupted the rechargable flashlight market with their tail cap magnetic charger. Now they’re back to driving innovation in the flashlight industry forward by creating the apple airpod version of an edc flashlight with the Baton 3. The Baton 3 is a 1,200 lumen flashlight about the size of a Bic lighter which comes with a wireless recharging case and included 3500mAh battery.

best edc flashlight hero

Best EDC Flashlights Your Money Can Buy

No one likes getting stuck in the dark. Which is why I generally always have the Olight S2R Baton II flashlight in my left pocket all the time. It’s an…