Hawaii Knife Laws

Updated for 2021

Hawaii is among the states in the U.S. with somewhat complex knife laws. The law considers carrying a dirk or dagger, or even having it in one’s vehicle, a misdemeanor. It is also a misdemeanor if a person possesses a “switchblade” or “butterfly” knife.

But, that’s not it. There are many other limitations imposed on carrying specific types of knives within the state.

This guide will walk you through all the rules and regulations related to possessing and carrying knives in Hawaii. So, let’s dig in a little deeper to gain a better understanding of the knife laws in Hawaii.

What Knives are Explicitly Illegal in Hawaii

Under Hawaii state law, it is forbidden to possess a “switchblade” or “butterfly” knife. You may own a dirk or dagger, but you are not allowed to carry these knives.

As per section 134-51, an individual, who is unauthorized by law, carries concealed, or in any vehicle used or armed with dirk, blackjack, dagger, slug shot, billy, metal knuckles, pistol, or any other deadly or dangerous weapon, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. The person may be immediately arrested without a warrant by a sheriff or a police officer, or other officer or person.

Any person who knowingly possesses, or intentionally uses, a dangerous or deadly weapon commits a class C felony under the law.

Knife Size Regulations in Hawaii

According to Hawaii law, it is illegal to use double-edged blades or a knife with a blade over 6.5 inches.

Local Municipality Knife Laws in Hawaii

The state of Hawaii does not enact knife preemption laws. Some cities, municipalities, and other local governments may impose their own laws banning the sale, transfer, possession, carry, or manufacture of specific knives. Thus, it is important to know and understand the laws in different local jurisdictions where you may travel within the state for work or recreation purposes with a knife or edged tools.

Switchblade And Butterfly Knife Law

As per section 134-52, any person who knowingly sells, manufactures, transfers, transports, or possesses within the state any switchblade knife or any knife that opens automatically will be a misdemeanor. 

Further, section 134-53 charges a person with a misdemeanor if they knowingly manufacture, sell, transfer, or possess within the state any butterfly knife or any knife with a blade covered in a split handle that manually unfolds with hand or wrist movement with the help of gravity, inertia, or both.

Dirk And Dagger Knife Law

Under Hawaii’s ‘Deadly Weapon’ law, section 134-51, an individual, unauthorized by law, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor if he/she carries concealed on himself, within any vehicle, or armed with a dirk, dagger, or any other deadly or dangerous weapon. The person may be immediately arrested without a warrant by any sheriff, police officer, or other officers. 

In Hawaii, carrying a dirk or dagger openly or concealed is considered unlawful. You cannot carry a dirk or dagger openly or in a vehicle within the state of Hawaii.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Karambits Legal in Hawaii?

Karambits are legal in Hawaii. Under the law, you can have any type of knife except for balisongs and switchblades.

Are Throwing Knives Legal in Hawaii?

Yes, it is legal to own throwing knives in Hawaii. However, these knives are not allowed to be carried outside since they are considered deadly weapons.

Are Balisongs Legal in Hawaii?

Balisongs are illegal in Hawaii. Any person who carries and sells a balisong knife commits a Class C felony as per section 134-53.

Are Swords Legal in Hawaii?

It is legal to own swords in Hawaii. The state of Hawaii allows any type of knife as long as it is not balisongs or switchblades. However, it is illegal to carry a sword outside in Hawaii.

Is it Legal to Carry a Knife on School Grounds or College Campuses?

The Hawaii knife law restricts carrying knives within certain places. It is strictly prohibited to carry any knife or blade on the school grounds or college campuses. 

Under Hawaii law, you cannot even carry a paper cutter or a nail cutter without the approval of the authority of the educational institute. Anyone violating the law is punishable by a fine of up to $500.

Can a Minor Carry a Knife in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not have any age restrictions on owning or carrying knives. But, balisongs, switchblades, and butterfly knives are banned under the law.

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