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The company was founded in 1983 by Tim Leatherman and Steve Berliner.

Tim Leatherman grew up in Oregon where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. In 1975, he got married and spent ten months in Europe with his wife, which is when the idea for a multi-faceted tool was born. While on tour in Europe, Leatherman thought of developing a useful tool that would fix things like the broken faucets and or faulty car parts. It was all about creating a Boy Scout knife that would be handy in different situations. This tool would come to be known as the Pocket Survival Tool.

The Beginning of Leatherman Tool Group

Leatherman, along with his co-founder Steve, agreed to build upon the Pocket Survival Tool further and see if there was a market for such a tool. After Leatherman returned from Europe, it took them almost three years, to develop the prototype in order to receive their first US patent. The new tool weighed 5 ounces, and it was 4 inches long. It was a stainless steel tool that had big and small screwdrivers, scissors, a file, punch, a can opener, pliers, knife blades, as a well as a ruler. All these popped out when the tool was opened. He tried to sell out his invention to top organization, but they all turned him down.

Later on, Steve Berliner’s father, who owned and managed Simplicity Tool Co, helped the two establish their company. The two were advised to simplify and modify the tool, which was then priced at $20. The Leatherman Tool Group was incorporated in 1983, and that is when the first tools were sold.

The Success and Passing Of The First Tools

The first tool created by Leatherman Tool Group was The Pocket Survival Tool, which was released in 1983. In 1986, the Mini Tool was introduced, and it was the smallest product in the Leatherman multi-tool category. The Mini Tool came with full-size pliers that were as strong as other pliers on the market. It was not until 2004 that the two tools were retired.

The Popularity/Uniqueness of Leatherman Tool Group

When Leatherman first set out to create multi-tools, the main goal was to develop tools that were both extremely efficient and capable, as well as almost unbreakable. It was all about developing a tool that could simplify people’s lives. It’s this strive for a quality product that has made Leatherman the top name when it comes to multi-tools.

In addition to having a quality line of products, The Leatherman Company is also known for the way in which they handle their business. All of their tools usually come with a donation that goes to selected charities around the country. They support several charities, and also support their employees with their charity projects.

Popular Leatherman Tools

There are many tools produced by Leatherman, and the main aim is to devise a tool that will perform various functions at once. The Leatherman tools are grouped into various categories, and here is a look at them.

1. Multi-Tools

These are the most common tools, and they usually come with a base of pliers, wrench knife, and wire cutters. Some of the common Leatherman Multi-Tools include the Squirt ES4, which is considered the best small multi-tool from Leatherman. The Squirt ES4 is perfect if you need a convenient tool that is small, lightweight, and can fit comfortably in the pocket. The tool measures 2.5 inches, and it can be secured easily to the keychain.

The Super Tool 300 is the best Multi-Tool for campers. It is almost similar to the initial Pocket Survival Tool. On the other hand, The Mut is considered the best maintenance tool. If you need a quick repair, the Leatherman MUT is the perfect tool to consider. It weighs 15.7 ounces, and also comes with a firearm disassembly.

For the DIY projects, the Rebar Multi-Tool is what you should choose. This one comes with replaceable hard wire cutters, other common tools, along with an electrical crimper.

The Wave is the best tool if you need one that can virtually perform any function. It is loaded with 17 different tools, and it is small enough to fit in the pocket or a backpack. Also, it only weighs 8.5 ounces and measures 4 inches.

2. Pocket Tools

These ranges of tools are ultra-compact, and they can loosen or tighten small nuts and hex sockets. It is best designed for photographers, skateboarders, or anyone that wants a lightweight pocket tool. They also come with clips to hang in the pocket and allow easy access when you need it.

3. Knives

The Leatherman Knives category is also handy, and they don’t function as the regular knives. It is more of a pocket knife that is made with an advanced design. They can be opened easily with one hand, and you can lock the knife safely to avoid unnecessary injuries when you carry them in the pocket.

4. Wearables

Leatherman holds a high reputation when it comes to wearable tools. These tools come in the form of a bracelet, and they are made with a classy design. They seem like a thick silver bracelet, but they are multi-tools that can become handy when you need them. The survival bracelet is rated as the best wearable available on the market. They come with 29 different tools that are easy to access. With the Leatherman Bracelet, you will have access to a cutting hook, a SIM card pick tool, a bottle opener, a glass breaker, among others. Even with all the tools included, the bracelet weighs only 1.1 pounds.


The Leatherman tools are highly rated for their excellence in serving multiple purposes. Regardless of what you need the tool for, you can be sure of finding a suitable one from Leatherman. Above all, they all come with a limited warranty that you can enjoy replacement if there is a manufacturer fault. They range in prices to let you get a multi-purpose tool at a friendly cost.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]