Olight Baldr RL Mini

It seems like Olight has been dropping a new light every other month in 2021. That is definitely something we can get behind. First it was the updated I3T, and now they are back with an updated version of the super popular Baldr Mini rail mounted light called the Baldr RL Mini. The RL doesn’t stand for anything you couldn’t guess…red laser! Yay – this version replaces (or a...[Read More]

Olight Baton 3 Premium

Several years ago Olight disrupted the rechargable flashlight market with their tail cap magnetic charger. Now they’re back to driving innovation in the flashlight industry forward by creating the apple airpod version of an edc flashlight with the Baton 3. The Baton 3 is a 1,200 lumen flashlight about the size of a Bic lighter which comes with a wireless recharging case and included 3500mAh ...[Read More]

17 Star Wars EDC Items You Don’t Want To Miss

The incredibly popular franchise has inspired some amazing EDC tools, knives, accessories and more over it’s 40+ years in existence. Here are some of our favorite items which you can work into your daily carry rotation to show off your love for Star Wars. Microtech Bounty Hunter Ultratech OTF Knife The ultimate carry for today’s bounty hunter is this limited edition UTX-35 from Microtech. Th...[Read More]

Find the Best EDC Flashlight – Top Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Quick Overview No one likes getting stuck in the dark. As a result, flashlights are one of the most carried EDC items along with pocket knives, multi-tools and more. Most flashlights these days are much more compact than your traditional handheld light of days past, even though we all have fond memories of those huge 4x d-cell battery mag lights. Finding the best edc flashlight for your needs is u...[Read More]

Limited Edition Olight i5t eos in Brass

The i series of lights from Olight are distinct and this limited brass edition is no exception. They continue to be solid performers and widely used in the community. The light is the bigger brother to Olight’s popular i3t. It runs on a single AA battery as opposed to an internal rechargeable like most of Olight’s other recent offerings. Olight sent us one of the latest releases of the...[Read More]

Olight OPen 2 Review – Is This The Tactical Pen Of The Future?

Olight’s popular Open 2 gets some updates and a new color, how does it stack up? First thing’s first, I’ve seen a lot of “penlights” come out over the years and this is definitely the first one I would consider actually usable. Most others on the market are either better at being a pen, better at being a flashlight, or a pen-shaped flashlight. Olight has found a great...[Read More]

How To Pick The Best Bushcraft Knife For Your Outdoor Adventures

The best bushcraft knives are all-rounders providing maximum benefits while you are out in the wild. They are durable knives ideal for woodworking and can tackle anything you throw at them in the outdoors. Having the right equipment in place for survival while you are out in nature is super important. Bushcrafting is more than just your gear. It is a way of life and requires the development of sur...[Read More]

4,000 Lumen Keychain Monster From Nightcore

Well known flashlight manufacturer Nightcore is coming into 2021 with a big splash and releasing the most powerful keychain flashlight in the world. The T4K is a palm-sized light that easily slides on your keychain and blasts an incredible 4,000 lumens in its Turbo mode. It has 4 other modes in addition to the Turbo, which can be easily switched between using a novel OLED display, something also n...[Read More]

Pocket Knife Rules & Laws in the U.S. – Updated for 2021

Last updated: Jan 2, 2021 Pocketknives are handy, common, and sometimes illegal. They’re small enough to be carried in someone’s pocket or even on a keychain and are useful on a daily basis, but there are some places, like the airport, that having one will get you in big trouble. Each state is different, but there are some general guidelines to follow if you own or carry a pocketknife. Related: Th...[Read More]

WESN Henry Slip-Joint Knife

The Henry from Detroit-based EDC maker WESN is a small, streamlined version of the classic slip-joint knife style. The blade is made from Sandvik 14c28n steel and ground into a spear point blade profile. This blade rests inside of G5 Titanium scales with an optional cherry wood inlay. The nail nick is bigger than most which makes the knife easy to open. The scales are also nicely rounded making it...[Read More]

Dissim Inverted EDC Lighter

Almost everyone carries some sort of fire starter in their edc pack, be it a standard Bic lighter, some matches or something more raw like flint and tinder. Launched earlier this year on Kickstarter, Dissim created a new ergonomically optimized lighter which is meant to be used either right side up or upside down. It also looks way more badass than your standard lighter, and is sure to be a conver...[Read More]

The Best Leatherman Accessories You Can Get

Congrats, you just got a fancy new Leatherman multi tool and now you’re looking to upgrade, optimize, improve what you’ve got. You have come to the right place my friend! Below are some of the most popular (and a few of our personal favorite) addons and accessories you can get, both direct from and from other places on the web.

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