WESN CB Titanium Carabiner

Finally EDC purveyor WESN, out of Michigan, has come along with a fresh take on a carabiner for your gear. Carabiners these days are a dime a dozen. Everyone seems to make some overbuilt clip that can dangle on your keys in addition to 24 other tasks, leaving your keys looking and feeling like a handful of twigs. Exceptional Build Quality Milled out of a single piece of Titanium the CB is super li...[Read More]

Find the Best EDC Flashlight – Top Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Quick Overview No one likes getting stuck in the dark. As a result, flashlights are one of the most carried EDC items along with pocket knives, multi-tools and more. Most flashlights these days are much more compact than your traditional handheld light of days past, even though we all have fond memories of those huge 4x d-cell battery mag lights. Finding the best edc flashlight for your needs is u...[Read More]

James Brand The Benton

Made from 304 Stainless Steel The Benton from EDC-brand James Brand is our new favorite pen for daily use. The smooth clicking action on the back of the barrel reveals a Schmidt 900 M cartridge in Black which can be easily replaced via a twist-off section on the barrel of the pen. The Benton measures a respectable 5.5 inches and is 3/8 inch in diameter. Available in the raw stainless, which James ...[Read More]

Blackwing Palamino x Timeless Coffee Bundle

Blackwing, the purveyor of some of the finest pencils in the world is teaming up with Oakland, CA coffee roaster Timeless Coffee to create this unique limited edition combo featuring an A5 slate notebook, a bag of specially roasted Timeless Coffee, a Timeless Coffee mug and the best part of all, a single limited edition white Blackwing Palamino pencil. The coffee is a blend of beans from Mexico an...[Read More]

Olight Olantern

Oct 22 Update: Olight is having a flash sale until tomorrow night with up to 40% off. Check it out here. Many purveyors of fine edc gear are familiar with the brand Olight. Appearing on the scene a few years ago, the build quality of their flashlights is some of the best out there. Many have been expecting Olight to release lantern for some time and today we have their first foray into the scene w...[Read More]

SOG Snippet

Well known multitool and knife brand Studies and Observations Group, or just SOG has released a new small multitool that competes with some of the smaller offerings from Leatherman, Gerber and Victorinox. The Snippet really stands out with its unique scissor solution. It’s got protective finger loops for precise cutting with the ultra sharp scissors and 7 other tools including a straight edg...[Read More]

The Most Useful Tools for Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking is a great sport that allows you to roam mountains, trails, and large expanses of the wilderness. Hiking and climbing on foot definitely have their place, but being able to cover long distances while still taking in the expansive beauty of the outdoors is an experience only mountain biking can provide. One of the key factors to mountain biking, similar to hiking and climbing, is be...[Read More]

New Release: Olight Warrior Mini Tactical Flashlight Review

No flashlight brand in the past few years has made more of a splash in the EDC community than Olight. The high-quality construction, unique features and signature magnetic charging tail cap have supplanted Olight as one of the top pocket carry flashlight companies of the past few years. This new tactical flashlight release is no different. Carrying some of the DNA of their tactical Warrior series ...[Read More]

Pelican R40 Personal Ruck Case

When you’ve got some high-quality EDC gear, you need something to carry it around in right? Well, look no further than this handy little ruck case from Pelican. It comes in 3 different sizes to accommodate whatever you’re carrying in your pack, car, or in the outdoors. Made from abrasion and impact-proof ABS with rubber protective bumpers the Personal Ruck case can handle drops from ne...[Read More]

Nitecore SCL10 Camera Light & Battery

Back in stock after selling out in the first week after it’s initial release the SCL10 Camera Light and External Battery from Nitecore is one of our favorite useful tech accessories for EDC. Featuring an 800 lumen LED panel with adjustable color temps (2300K-6300K), a built in 10,000mAh battery and a real time OLED display with battery time, brightness, temperature and more the SCL10 is a un...[Read More]

Leatherman Clean Contact Carabiner

Favorite multi-tool maker Leatherman has recently launched their version of a simple tool to reduce the number of surfaces you have to touch on a daily basis. Featuring a clean contact hook, button pusher, touchscreen stylus, and a bottle opener the new carabiner can help you latch your gear or bag onto a table or wall hook as well with the integrated spring-loaded gate mechanism. Made in the USA,...[Read More]

The Best Tactical Flashlights for 2020

A flashlight is a flashlight right? Wrong. The majority of flashlights in the world are consumer flashlights and spend most of their lives in a drawer or in the garage. First responders, police officers, construction workers, and other job types often require something with a bit more reliability and ruggedness and that is where the idea of a tactical flashlight comes from. Tactical flashlights of...[Read More]

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