Olight O’Pen Pro


I am a pencil guy. Normally I keep several Blackwing pencils around and will rarely use a pen. Just a habit from my art school days. Anyways, Olight was kind enough to send me the latest version of their tactical pen, the O’Pen Pro.

It’s nearly identical to the original O’Pen we reviewed a bit ago with a few important differences. First, and easily my favorite is the green laser pointer at the top of the pen. This has become my new fidget toy during zoom calls as I point around the room with the green laser and take notes with the bolt action pen.

The pen part also unscrews for refills, and so that you can clip the light part onto a pocket or pack. Here is a look at the specs:

  • Body: HAIII Aluminum
  • LED: Osram P 3737
  • Battery: Proprietary
  • Power: 110mAh
  • Beam Distance: 14m
  • Light : 3000K LED
  • Length: 153mm
  • Weight: 38g
  • Moonlight: 5 lumens
  • Low: 20 lumens
  • Mid: 60 lumens
  • High: 120 lumens

Using the Olight O’Pen Pro

The pen comes out with a well-machined bolt action movement. Because of the laser on the top half of the pen, the controls for both the laser and the clip light are also now on that same bolt action movement.

It took some getting used to if I am being honest. But once I got it, it seemed natural and like an excellent way to control the flashlight/laser feature on the same movement as the bolt action pen.

I also can confidently say this pen seems to work better than the previous O’Pen we used. That one had some inconsistencies in the writing where ink would stop flowing, I never bothered replacing the cartridge, just went back to a pencil. However, this one is different, and will likely continue using this pen for a while.


I can’t help but give the O’Pen Pro a positive review and it has been integrated into my daily carry.

If you’re looking for a laser/pen/flashlight in that order, this penlight is exactly what you’re looking for. It packs a punch with loads of incredible features.

Although a bit heavy for a pen, you can remove the flashlight and write with a less weighty pen. Battery life is top-notch, and recharging is super fast. Its also on sale right now over at Olight.