Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. Out of all the guests you invited, the ones who have been there for you through thick and thin are your groomsmen. When you’re getting married, it’s tradition to give them a gift set as a token of your friendship. They will hold onto this keepsake for a long while, so it’s important to put some time and effort into the selection of the gift.

In making your selection of a groomsmen gift, you should choose something that is considerate and reflects the personality of the buddy that you’re buying it for. You wouldn’t buy an engraved vodka flask for a guy who recently gave up drinking, so there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of groomsmen gift, nor should there be. Ideally it would be something they will most likely use on a daily basis. The last thing any guy wants is another useless knick-knack taking up space or hidden in a desk drawer because they don’t find themselves using it very much.

The items are also traditionally engraved. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t engrave the date of your wedding or any other information on the item, other than the first and last name of each groomsman, or their first and last initials. If you can’t figure out what to get your groomsmen, here are a few items which they will like and keep for a long time as a memento of your friendship:

Engraved Hatchet

engraved hatchet groomsman gift

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This engraved hatchet is great for that buddy who’s been growing that mountain man beard for the past 5 years. The kinda beard that says “I may work in the IT department as a C++ coder, but I could totally quit my job and move to Oregon and become a lumberjack if I so desired.” A manly gift for a manly kinda man. It’s a great gift because we all have that one guy friend who could always add another hatchet to the ever-growing collection.

The creators of this custom wedding gift start out with a 24oz. Estwing brand hatchet that is forged from a 1-piece handle and metal head for superior strength. The length of the ax is 13”, handle is 3.25” and the overall engravable area is around 5” x 1”.

This would also make a great gift for the weekend warrior or camping/outdoor aficionado because at the end of the day, it’s still a brand name hatchet that will cut and hack wood (or zombies) as it was originally intended to.

Carbocage Keycage

carbocage keychain groomsman gift

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This gift is for that one friend who has more keys than he knows what to do with. The same guy who can never bring himself to throw away a key, because he never knows when he might need it. House keys, car keys, garage keys, bike lock keys, storage shed keys, work keys are just a few of the keys he carries around in his pocket on a daily basis.

If you sometimes worry that your friend will accidentally castrate himself with all those sharp metal keys in his pocket, fear no more. The Carbocage Keycage was designed to safely store keys in the same fashion a Swiss Army Knife stores multiple tools. You simply open it up and insert your keys and then use the appropriate screws to close it back up. The next time you need a key, simply flick it out and when you’re done, flick it back in.

This keychain was CNC machined in Germany, so it will last for decades to come. It holds 1 to 14 keys and the double asymmetric shape will allow your friend to find the key he desires simply by touch.

Nomad Wallet w/ Charger

nomad wallet charger groomsman gift

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This product was made for that one friend of yours who always forgets to charge his cell phone. Or he uses it so much that by 11am he’s already on the hunt for an outlet to recharge his phone. The Nomad Wallet has a built-in battery that will charge your iPhone or Android phone. It has a lipstick battery charger built into the fold of the wallet.

Internally there is a lithium ion battery inside and a flat cable. This charger works with Android, Apple or even Blackberry cell phones. It also has a MFI certified lightening cable for an iPhone, which will result is faster phone charges.

Normally you’d think something like this would be uncomfortable to sit down upon, but it feels like a normal wallet in your back pocket when you sit down (meaning you can’t feel it). The wallet itself holds 8 cards and the battery will hold a 2 hour charge. No longer will a dead cell phone battery prevent your buddy from making that late night booty call after last call at the bar.

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro

lever gear toolcard groomsman gift

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Another great gift for the friend who’s always on the go. The Toolcard Pro makes quick work of hex nuts, bolts and even doubles as a beer opener. This is truly an EDC item as it is no bigger than a credit card and will fit snugly inside a wallet.

It’s made out of heat treated 420 stainless steel and will last a lifetime. There are 40 different functionalities that it can be used for and best of all, it’s TSA compliant so if your friend accidentally forgets that it’s in his wallet, the TSA won’t take him to a windowless room for a full body cavity search.

The Lever Gear is great for cyclists and other guys who find themselves in situations that require a tool that can cut, turn measure and open a beer bottle afterwards. It also has a convenient belt clip for times when you know you’re going to need it handy.

NS Multitools Lock Pick Set

ns multitools lock pick set groomsman gift

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Got a friend who works for the CIA as a spy? Or maybe someone who’s just mechanically inclined and likes to challenge himself? This NS Lock Pick Set is the perfect gift. It comes with a padlock that your buddy can practice his newly found lock picking skills on. Lock picking as a sport has grown in popularity over the years as well, maybe he can compete! (probably not) It takes intelligence, manual dexterity along with the ability to think abstractly in order to pick a lock. Do you think your friends have what it takes?

The lock pick set is made out of titanium plated metal which will reduce the wear and tear on the picks and allow for faster work. It also comes with a handy carrying case along with a see-through plastic lock for beginners. Best of all, if you and your buddy “accidentally” wind up in a Tijuana jail together some day, you’ll be glad you got him this groomsmen gift.

Tactical Molle Assault Backpack

tactical molle backpack groomsman gift

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If one of your buddies is a prepper, this is the perfect groomsmen gift for him. As he is bugging out “innawoods”, the one strap design will allow him to swing a machete at the incoming zombies while keeping his bag firmly on his back. The American flag patch on the back will allow other Americans to quickly and easily identify him (unless the zombies sew American flag patches onto their backpacks…then we’re all screwed).

This tactical assault backpack features a 1 strap design, multiple tactical pockets along with zippered hydration pouch and American flag patch. It has MOLLE straps, D rings and features a Y shaped from, side and bottom load compression straps. Whether he’s traversing through an Amazon jungle or trying to make his way through the bumper-to-bumper traffic in an urban jungle, this Assault Backpack will keep him and his things safe.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

hydro flask water bottle groomsman gift

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If you haven’t yet found anything on this gift guide list, stop right here. Everyone, and I mean everyone needs a water bottle. Office workers, people who bike a lot, campers as well as weekend warriors will love the Hydro Flask Water Bottle.

It features a patented TempShield which provides double walled insulation which will keep cold beverages cold (for up to 24 hours) and hot beverages hot (for up to 6 hours). It has a notch at the top that you can put your finger in to easily cart the bottle around. It also has a powder coat which will give you super-human grip strength and prevent the bottle from sweating.

The bottle also comes in many different sizes and colors and has the option of a standard flex or sport cap. It’s made out of military grade 18/8 Stainless Steel and is BPA free. Best of all, this water bottle comes with a lifetime warranty which cannot be beat.

Leatherman Tread Bracelet

leatherman tread bracelet groomsman gift

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Imagine a multi tool that you don’t have to remember to put on your belt, or in your pocket. Imagine a multi tool so innovative that it looks like something else. Introducing the Leatherman Tread Bracelet. It’s a multi tool that you wear on your wrist in the same way you’d wear a wrist watch. It comes in both black and stainless steel and has 29 different tools.

This tool is great for the buddy who’s a weekend warrior. Cyclists will love the convenience of not having to pack a fanny sack fill of bike tools. All they need to do is put this Tread Bracelet on as they would a normal wrist watch and every single tool they need is there. It’s also great for outdoorsmen whether they are fishing, hunting or hiking. Best of all, it’s made by Leatherman which is a brand name of multi tool manufacturers and has been around for ever.

So if your wedding is right around the corner and you’re still struggling to figure out what to get as your Groomsman gifts, any one of the products above would make a great addition to your friend’s everyday carry bag.

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