swiss army knife

Prometheus Design Werx Titanium Swiss Army Knife Scales

High-end gear maker Prometheus Design Werx is back with one of the most amazing modifications to a SAK we have ever seen. Most people do not know you can actually remove the classic red scales and replace them with customized versions. Plenty of custom knife makers out there design and manufacturer all different types of styles and colors. This release from PDW is precision machined from 6AL-4V Ti...[Read More]

Battle of the EDC Essentials: Swiss Army Knives vs. Pocket Knives

So you want to channel your inner MacGyver or Bear Grylls but you’re torn between a pocket knife and a multi-tool. How do you choose? You can get lost in the nitty-gritty of each product’s features so to help you decide, today we’ll look at a few advantages and disadvantages of Swiss Army Knives and pocket knives. Some people might get confused when they hear “pocket knives” and make it interchang...[Read More]

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