The Latest Airpod-esque Flashlight: Olight Baton 4 Premium


No joke, these Baton series lights from Olight have become my #1 favorite camping light.

You know, Olight’s really made a name for themselves in the world of portable lights. They’ve got everything from tiny keychain lights to those big, beefy tactical ones. But what’s really cool is their Baton series – I find myself picking this light up more than anything else. The new kid on the block, the Olight Baton 4 Premium Edition is an evolution of the Baton 3 from a few years ago and has been improved in almost every way.

It’s tiny, but man, does it shine bright! It’s like they crammed the power of a big ol’ flashlight into something you can easily carry around. For someone like me who’s always outdoors, hiking or camping, this thing’s a gem. The charging case (especially with the power readout) lets me know its not really ever going to die on me. This has single-handedly replaced almost all of my headlamps because I can easily clip it on my hat bill.

Let’s dig in to some other reasons I am really loving this new release…

My hat’s new best friend

Unboxing and First Impressions

When you crack open the box of the Olight Baton 4 Premium Edition, you can tell right away they’ve put some serious thought into it. It’s packed in there real nice, with a bright yellow card that walks you through getting it set up – super handy for anyone who’s new to this kind of gear. First thing you gotta do is pull off this little insulating film that’s keeping the flashlight from charging in its case, and then there’s another one inside the flashlight, keeping the battery fresh. It’s clear Olight’s making sure everything’s top-notch when it gets to you, all set to light up straight out of the box. For some reason I always forget and go to turn the light on before removing the battery one – maybe one day I’ll learn.

The charging case is a soft touch plastic material and is a bit bigger than the Baton 3’s charging case. One of the first things I noticed is that it has an external battery indicator, an absolutely fantastic addition to this setup.

Tucked neatly into the included Baton 4 Premium 5000mAh charging case

Design and Build Quality

Now, the design of this flashlight – it’s a sweet mix of looking good and being really practical. It’s got this classic Baton shape, round body, a flat tail for the magnetic charging pad, and a two-way clip that is super useful. The moment you pick it up, you feel it’s built to last – it’s solid, with a grippy texture so it won’t slip out of your hand. The Baton 4’s got all the simplicity and smarts of its predecessors, but you can see they’ve tweaked it here and there, just making a good thing even better. It’s like Olight’s always thinking a step ahead on how to make their gear work better for us outdoor types. As with all Olights, the machining and knurling here feels like it is by far the best in class. It is comfortable to use and hold both with and without gloves on.

Notably, the Baton 4 introduces a metal switch cover, a significant upgrade from the Baton 3’s rubbery switch. This change not only enhances the tactile experience but also adds to the overall robustness of the design. On either side of the upgraded switch are groupings of LEDs which let you see the current brightness level and the remaining battery respectively. In practice this actually provides a bigger spot to put your thumb and makes the light a bit easier to manipulate.

Baton 4 fits perfectly in the palm of your hand with its 2-way clip

Using the Flashlight

The light itself is pretty straightforward to use and works like practically all other Olights – it has one button and 3 default modes that can be stepped between by holding down on the single side switch. It does also have a memory – so once turned off – will return back to the last used setting when the light is turned back on. That medium mode – which is about 60 lumens – will run for 8 hours and is the perfect light for a headlamp. As I mentioned earlier, this is the exact way I am using this light 80% of the time and I love it.

The high mode on the flashlight is 10x the medium, and outputs 600 lumens, which is pretty insane for a little light like this with only one LED. When I need that much light, I tend to reach for a different light – but its nice to know that this little fireball can pump out that kind of light if needed.

Upgraded metal switch in between brightness and battery level meters

At the heart of the Baton 4’s performance is a likely Luminus SST40 LED, known for its efficiency and high output. However, this comes with a trade-off, as the LED tends to produce a cool white beam with a greenish tint. This tint may be off-putting to some users, particularly those who prefer a more neutral or warm light. The Baton 4 uses a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, which helps in creating a well-defined hotspot and a broad spill, ideal for both focused tasks and area lighting. The absence of a protective glass layer over the lens aids in keeping the flashlight as compact as possible. While this makes the Baton 4 more streamlined, it does raise concerns about the durability of the lens​​.

With little nimble lights like this, I dont mind the different color temperatures and during all practical usage, you certainly can’t tell the difference.

Upgraded Charging Case

External battery indicator on the soft touch case

Upgraded 5000mAh battery in the case that lets you recharge the light from dead 5 times. You can also pull from that 5000mAh battery to charge external devices via the USB C. The case also allows you to press on the charging indicator while the flashlight is docked, to turn the light on, and step through the different brightness modes. This is a useful feature if you’re using the light, it dies, and you need immediate light again without having to charge it. To be honest, I have yet to use the light in this manner.

Baton 4 Premium Case (5000mAh battery) vs Baton 3 Premium Case (3500mAh battery)

It also charges the older Baton 3 model, along with the S1R II, Perun Mini, and Perun 2 Mini. I tend to carry the Perun 2 Mini on my pack, so being able to charge it in this case is pretty convenient. It also removes the need for me to carry the MCC charging cable and lets me just use this case to charge the two smaller lights I generally have on.


From a convenience, size, and brightness standpoint – this light is really useful in almost every instance. It’s a bit smaller than a BIC lighter and fits nicely in your hand and clipped onto a hat.

From left to right: Olight i3E EOS, Baton 4, BIC Lighter, Baton 3 Pro Max

I dont really have any bad things to say about this release from Olight and it has quickly catapulted to a mainstay in my kit when out and about.

The Olight Baton 4 Premium Edition builds on what Olight did with the Baton 3 and for me is a real game-changer in the world of flashlights. It’s small, bright, and tough as nails too. Perfect for anyone from hardcore campers to just folks needing a solid light in their pocket. Olight really nailed it with the details – the packaging is smart, and the flashlight itself is built to handle whatever you throw at it. It’s the kind of gear that makes you feel ready for anything, whether you’re out on the trails at night or just digging around in the attic. So, if you’re looking for a little flashlight with big power, the Baton 4 is a no-brainer.

It’s more than just a light; it’s like a trusty sidekick that’s ready for all your adventures, big and small. It certainly is for me.

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No joke, these Baton series lights from Olight have become my #1 favorite camping light.

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