Brand Profile: Spyderco Knives


Spyderco has been producing unique and quality knives for over 50 years. They have a good reputation on the market, and they always deliver knives that come with an innovative design. So what is the story behind Spyderco Knives? Where did it all start?

Here is a look at the history and overall review of the Spyderco Knives.

Getting their start

The Spyderco Company initially started in 1976, and it was established by one Sal Glesser. When the company was started, Sal designed the first product called the Portable Hand. Apparently, the first product wasn’t a knife. It was a device that was designed for hobbyists and jewelers that worked with tiny parts. This device could hold small items securely and allow the person to work freely with both hands. The device had a bizarre look that resembled a spider.

As it was written in Kenneth T. Delavigne’s book, Spyderco Story: The New Shape of Sharp, the name of the company was derived from the spider-like Portable Hand. The Portable Hand was a success in the late 70’s, and Sal Glesser traveled around to promote his first product. In 1978, Sal and his wife, Gail, settled in Golden, Colorado {the current location of the company}. During his time in Golden, Sal was inventing the popular Tri-angle Sharpmaker.

It was until 1981 that Spyderco unveiled their first knife, the C01 Woker. This knife was not only the first knife to be made by under the brand name, but it was also the first knife to feature the symbolic round hole on its blade.

As of 2017, Spyderco holds over 50 utility and design patents for its work on knives.

Growing Popularity

Even though Spyderco was not the first company to invent the first folder, it managed to win the hearts of many people. So what made it so popular? The minds behind Spyderco came to an understanding to make the best knife possible. Sal and Gail talked to people about what they needed in a knife, which then helped them know the expectations of the potential client. The two gathered all the information needed and designed unique and highly functional knives. He partnered with Al Mar, a custom knifemaker that helped reach out to customers all across the US.

Unique features

The major philosophy of Spyderco was to incorporate innovation and convenience into the knives they produced. Most of the innovations introduced by the company helped them inspire other knife brands, and it also helped them stay ahead of the competition. Here is a look at the major Spyderco Knives inventions;

1. The Round Hole

The symbolic round hole is a Spyderco Trademark that is the most recognizable feature. This feature was first introduced when the C01 Worker was unveiled. The hole made it easy to access the blade with one hand, and also allowed both right and left handed people to use it comfortably {ambidextrous}. This is a trademark hole that is not included in other knives. Nonetheless, Ernest Emerson and Benchmade knives licensed the hole for some of their knife models.

2. SpyderEdge

This is another trademark feature of the serrated design in selected Spyderco models. The company did not invent the serration in knives, but it made it a unique feature in the pocket knife selections. The SpyderEdge feature delivers a unique and more efficient cutting performance with its edge, and it is also high on serration. The serrations come in a repeated pattern of a large serration, along with two tiny serrations, which delivers an efficient cutting ability.

3. The Pocket Clip

Pocket knives existed even before Spyderco was launched. However, Spyderco dramatically improved their pocket knives by introducing a pocket clip. Initially, people carried their knives in their pockets or a sheath. Spyderco introduced the Clipit Knives {pocket knives with clips} to make it easy and convenient to walk with them in the pocket. The pocket clip idea was adopted by other leading knife makers.

4. The “Tactical Folder”

Tactical folders are common in the recent world. They are folding knives that are designed to be used effectively and quickly in an indefinite and a threatening event. Spyderco was the original inventor of the tactical folder, and all the credit goes to Sal Glesser. The tactical folder could be opened easily with one arm.

Most well-known knives

Backed with enough knowledge and experience, Spyderco has managed to develop some of the best knives around the world. Here is a look at some of the leading Spyderco models;

Paramilitary 2

This model comes after the success of the first Spyderco Military Knife. It was developed with the aim of establishing a lightweight and high-performance folder that is suitable for hard use. The Paramilitary 2 model is made with advanced ergonomics and a better cutting performance compared to the previous version. It is sharper, has a flatter blade, and with better performance and comfort.

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Tenacious Knife

The Tenacious model has been manufactured and customized to suit the comfortability of the user’s hand. The philosophy behind the line is combining comfort and best of performance to create a highly functional knife. They come with a design that factors the close cutting control around the edge and safe cutting as you push the blade from you. The handle is slip-proof, thanks to the bi-directional texturing.

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Endura Knife

The Endura model was first introduced in 1990, and it is one of the tactical folders that have received useful tweaks throughout the years. The design of the Endura knives was slightly adjusted to enhance their functionality. For instance, the Trademark Round Hole was made slightly larger, and the handle was made more efficient with a strong grip. Most of the Spyderco fine tunings and improvements have been applied to the Endura Knives. They also have large blades for tool options and self-defense.

Delica Knife

This model is considered by many as a less-advanced version of the Endura. It has been designed for use where a small knife is needed or for users with smaller hands. It also undergoes constant changes to enhance its usability. It can be used in different situations and is also quite popular.

Police Knife

This model stands as one of the most common large folder knives available. It was initially developed for the Save & Serve and the law enforcement professionals. What makes this model unique is that it can be used as a regular large knife and also be carried around like a small knife. The police knives are sharp, slim, and they come in a sturdy folder.

Spyderco Knives stand out as one of the most reputable and efficient knives ever made. The company offers its products with a warranty, and you can enjoy parts replacements, re-profiling, and repairs at a reasonable fee. You can be sure of finding a perfect Spyderco knife for professional or casual use.