The Best Leatherman Accessories You Can Get

Congrats, you just got a fancy new Leatherman multi tool and now you’re looking to upgrade, optimize, improve what you’ve got. You have come to the right place my friend! Below are some of the most popular (and a few of our personal favorite) addons and accessories you can get, both direct from and from other places on the web.

Leatherman Wingman – 2020 Review

When it comes to Multi-Tools, Leatherman is the brand of choice amongst many EDC fans. The Leatherman Wingman continues to be the favorite because of its pocket-sized form factor and ability to handle pretty much anything you may throw at it. With its relatively cheap price point and its decent quality, the Wingman is a great choice for people that don’t want to spend a ton of mone...[Read More]

7 Best Multitools for EDC in 2021

You wouldn’t carry a metal Snickers bar in your pocket, so why carry multitool that has less than one distinct purpose? For the past 6 years, I have carried around a number of different multitools and used them for every purpose under the sun. I personally carry around a Gerber Center Drive whenever I leave the house. It’s super useful, has a bunch of tools, and feels awesome in the ha...[Read More]

Battle of the EDC Essentials: Swiss Army Knives vs. Pocket Knives

So you want to channel your inner MacGyver or Bear Grylls but you’re torn between a pocket knife and a multi-tool. How do you choose? You can get lost in the nitty-gritty of each product’s features so to help you decide, today we’ll look at a few advantages and disadvantages of Swiss Army Knives and pocket knives. Some people might get confused when they hear “pocket knives” and make it interchang...[Read More]

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