Olight Warrior 3

If i had to pick a favorite flashlight of mine, it would be a tough decision…both would be olights but one would be a bigger light, possibly a bit too large for EDC in a pocket, and the other would be something more the size of the S2R Baton. Until 2 weeks ago, the big light choice would be the M2R Warrior, but that light has been dethroned in every way with the newest Warrior 3 from olight....[Read More]

Brand Profile: Olight

Established in 2006 as a manufacturer of flashlights and other illumination tools, Olight Technology Co., Ltd now has more than 200 employees at its headquarters in Guangdong China. Initially they made lights for the outdoor and enthusiast markets in Europe but really saw rapid expansion once they began creating tactical flashlights and other products more tailored to the needs of government agenc...[Read More]

Olight Odin vs Odin Mini

Two favorite rail-mounted weapon lights, let’s see how they compare and when one might be more useful to you than the other Earlier this year we put the Olight Odin Mini through the testing gauntlet. It performed exceptionally well but lacked some of the features often seen in other high-end lights from Surefire and Streamlight. We just recently got our hands on the Odin, the bigger brother and Ol...[Read More]

Olight’s M2R Warrior Pro Tactical Flashlight

Update: Olight is having a 40% off sale on their site now Earlier this year Olight released the latest version of their full sized warrior flashlight the M2R Pro. The new Warrior light is similar in size to Olight’s popular rail-mounted flashlight, the Odin but packs a bit more of a punch. A week or so ago Olight sent one over for us to play around with. For the past few days Ive been trying...[Read More]

Olight Perun 2 – The Ultimate Right Angle Light?

Most people are familiar with your standard circular tube flashlight. Hold it parallel to the ground to aim and point. There is another, less crowded, class of flashlights out there. Often more useful than what you’re used to – right angle flashlights. The Olight Perun 2 is the latest to hit the market. Olight sent us one to check out, so let’s take a look and see how it stacks u...[Read More]

Olight Odin Mini Rail Mount Light Review

With this latest release, the Odin Mini rail mount light, Olight continues its winning streak of introducing new, highly sought after lights into the market. Product Specifications Distance: 787ft/240m 1,250 Lumens 18500 Rechargeable Lithium Battery 14,400 Candela High-Performance Neutral White LED Weight: 176g/6.21oz. Length: 115.5mm/4.55in Head Diameter: 29mm/1.14in Body Diameter: 25.7mm/1.01in ...[Read More]

Olight Olantern

Oct 22 Update: Olight is having a flash sale until tomorrow night with up to 40% off. Check it out here. Many purveyors of fine edc gear are familiar with the brand Olight. Appearing on the scene a few years ago, the build quality of their flashlights is some of the best out there. Many have been expecting Olight to release lantern for some time and today we have their first foray into the scene w...[Read More]

New Release: Olight Warrior Mini Tactical Flashlight Review

No flashlight brand in the past few years has made more of a splash in the EDC community than Olight. The high-quality construction, unique features and signature magnetic charging tail cap have supplanted Olight as one of the top pocket carry flashlight companies of the past few years. This new tactical flashlight release is no different. Carrying some of the DNA of their tactical Warrior series ...[Read More]

Nitecore SCL10 Camera Light & Battery

Back in stock after selling out in the first week after it’s initial release the SCL10 Camera Light and External Battery from Nitecore is one of our favorite useful tech accessories for EDC. Featuring an 800 lumen LED panel with adjustable color temps (2300K-6300K), a built in 10,000mAh battery and a real time OLED display with battery time, brightness, temperature and more the SCL10 is a un...[Read More]

Nitecore NU25 Headlamp Review

5 seconds after the battery ran out on my Petzl while I was trying to get away from a mountain lion, I immediately realized I needed to do something different about my headlamp situation. For years I have been an avid camper and have had a few close run-ins with wildlife but this time was different. A few friends and I were out exploring a more remote part of the Big Sur river for a few evenings o...[Read More]

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